The Body Circuit 2018

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do i need to book?

No. Your first session is FREE, pick a venue and come along. Letting us know beforehand would be beneficial so you can complete our Health and Safety Questionnaire before attending. After your first session, block booking options will be discussed.

I'm too unfit/overweight/old to attend

Definitely not! We help you to achieve your own personal goals, working at an intensity that suits you.


No. You're encouraged to train at an intensity that suits you, progressively pushing yourself more as your fitness levels increase. You may experience muscle soreness after your first session, but the more sessions you complete, the quicker your recovery period will be.

Do i have to take part in the challenge?

No, you can book onto a six week training block instead.

If i can't make all the sessions, will i lose out?

We ask that you give us more than 24 hours notice when cancelling sessions. Sessions will be charged if less time is given. If you are taking part in the challenge, home sessions will be provided.

why do i have to book on for six weeks?

Regular exercise is required to achieve your goals. Our sessions are progressive and different each week. 

what do i need to bring with me?

A drink and a sweat towel is all you need.